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About the Federation

The Formation of IFRCM

The way consciousness evolves and develops is most fascinating. It does so, often subtly, in a manner that we are hardly aware of until the process is complete. So it was at the 2008 Congress in Vienna. This was the tenth Congress of the International Federation of organizations seeking reform and renewal in priesthood and ministry. During that time, the Federation has had three names and has celebrated Eucharist in very different ways. A look at these titles and celebrations reveals astonishing changes in consciousness.

First General Assembly - Vienna 2008

Over thirty delegates from progressive Catholic organisations in six countries (Canada, the USA, Austria, England, Germany, the Netherlands) met in conference in Vienna 6-9 November to discuss  the 'crisis in ministry' in the RC Church. Speakers at the conference included Dr André Lascaris, one of the authors of the controversial Dutch document Church and Ministry, and Monsignor Helmut Schüller, former Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Vienna, one of the founders of a group of 300 Viennese priests supporting 'the vocation of all the baptised to joint responsibility and shared decision-taking.'

Second General Assembly - Detroit 2011

Simon Bryden-Brook, president, called to order the Second General Assembly of the International Federation for a Renewed Catholic Ministry (IFRCM) on June 10, 2011.  Follow the link for the President's Remarks, Minutes, Dublin Declaration and photos.

Our Constitution

The International Federation for a Renewed Catholic Ministry is an association of groups concerned with the renewal of all forms of ministry in the Catholic Church. The mission, goals and objectives of the IFRCM are the renewal of the Church.

Member Organizations


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