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The Formation of IFRCM

The way consciousness evolves and develops is most fascinating. It does so, often subtly, in a manner that we are hardly aware of until the process is complete. So it was at the 2008 Congress in Vienna. This was the tenth Congress of the International Federation of organizations seeking reform and renewal in priesthood and ministry. During that time, the Federation has had three names and has celebrated Eucharist in very different ways. A look at these titles and celebrations reveals astonishing changes in consciousness.

A Brief Historical Note

There have been eight Congresses, on three continents, of the original International Federation of Married Catholic Priests: 2 outside Rome, in Ariccia (1985; 1987); 2 in Madrid (1993, 2002); and one each in the Netherlands (Dorn, 1990), Brazil (Brasilia, 1996), the United States (Atlanta, 1999); and Germany (Wiesbaden, 2005).

The North Atlantic Federation for a Renewed Catholic Priesthood assembled in Congress once in Germany (Wiesbaden, 2004) and once in Austria (Vienna, 2008). In Austria, a decision was made to change our name and constitution and to meet as a new Federation (but always in line with what we were from the beginning) in London, in 2011, on the eve of the 50 anniversary of Vatican II. This will be the first Congress to take place in the United Kingdom.

Thus, there have been eight Congresses as an International Federation and two as a North Atlantic Federation.

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